TaskMaster (A-120) Anti-Corrosion Spray
Prevents Corrosion and Stops Active Corrosion

What is TaskMaster Spray?
TaskMaster prevents corrosion on any metal, new or old, and prevents future corrosion for years. TaskMaster Spray is a unique, no-drip formula that stays where you spray (even overhead) and actively penetrates through heavy rust and into seams, down to the fresh metal. It then cures to seal the metal's surface. Oxygen and moisture can not reach the metal and corrosion can not start. TaskMaster's protection is so effective. It even stops active corrosion for years.

TaskMaster is durable. It will not wash off with water even a standard pressure washer, yet, if required, removes easily with mineral spirits or steam. It lasts so long because it ionically bonds with the metal and is highly chemical resistant. The formula will not allow condensation, saltwater, fertilizer or battery acid to undercut its protection.

In the electric utilities TaskMaster protection lasts a minimum of five years on prerusted transformers. In the military, TaskMaster excels at preventing rust inside vehicle frames and through ocean surf. USDA approved for use in meat and poultry plants.

Stops active corrosion
on transformers for 5+ years

How is TaskMaster different?

Task-Master is based on an ionically charged paraffin system that develops an ionic bond to the metal that is stronger than water, salt and most corrosives. The protective coating remains flexible throughout its life, keeping surfaces protected and chain/bolts lubricated. TaskMaster passes 2.000 hour salt spray tests and will not hurt painted finishes or coatings.

TaskMaster stops the electron flow that is the root of corrosion problems. It has over 50,000 volts dielectric insulation value to prevent corrosion on electrical contacts and batteries. It is routinely used on battery back-ups and switchgears in the utilities, keeping the contacts corrosion free and functioning.

TaskMaster's formula is designed to actively penetrate seams from any angle. The ionic bond won't allow the product to drip so the carrier system will cling to any surface and deeply penetrate overhead and vertical seams. Task-Master contains no silicone and will not affect paint, plastics, wiring or insulation. Removal is complete and easy in preparation for painting.

Ionic Bonding

Military Sealing Frames Salt Spreader Storage

Can you completely seal inside voids? For inside voids. TaskMaster is applied with a fogging applicator tip to assure complete 360 degree coverage and protection. This is a real improvement oven traditional "Line of Sight" products.

What kind of applications are appropriate?

U.S. Military: Presents rust on fielded vehicles around frames, cabs and hatters boxes. Provides a long-term bomb storage protective coating.

Busses and Emergency Equipment: Spray inside steel frames to present corrosion on interiors of welds. Lubricates and stays on handicap lift chains. Seals and protects wire connections.

Municipalities: Stops rust during seasonal storage of equipment including salt spreaders and fertilizer equipment. Penetrates and frees heavily rusted chains and bolts. Long-lasting chain and bolt lubricant/protectant.

Import/Export: Presents corrosion on valuable new equipment during shipment. Removes easily on delivery. Task-Master does not hurt finished or painted surfaces. Seals machined surfaces and prevents rust bleeds.

Agriculture: Lubricates, protects and stays in place on roller and combine chains. Stops rust on equipment. protects between seasons: unaffected by fertilizer, urine, chlorine wash-downs.

Electric Utilities/Railroads: Stops corrosion on transformer cabinets and electrical contacts; opens knife switches and switchgear.

Steel Fabricating: Protects bare steel (plate and coil) in worldwide transport and storage. Provides l0+ times more edge sealing corrosion protection than traditional oils with easy, complete removal.

Steel Cable: Penetrates the core of wire rope to seal the core and provide longterm rust prevention.

TV Coaxial Cable and Telephone Contacts: Maintains a quality corrosion free connection.

Marine: apply to salt water engines once a season, not once week. Presents rust inside trailer frames. on electrical connections, linkages and engine brackets, hitches and davit winches.

What forms does TaskMaster come in?
TaskMaster (A-120) comes in a variety of sizes to match the application, including convenient spray cans and up to 55 gallon
drums. Spray equiptment and applicator wands can be customized.

Master Corrosion with TaskMaster

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