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Innovative, space age products combating corrosion

in some of the world's harshest environments!

Typical examples of NWAC solutions:
· Durable protection of all metallic surfaces from rust and oxidation.
· Protects machinery, buildings and structures from aggressive chemical attack.
· Stops the corrosive effects of sea water on ...machinery, vehicles, buildings, girders, pilings ...thousands of applications around seaports, docks and ships.
· Provides a moisture and chemical barrier between metal components on electrical equipment.
· Acts as a penetrant to improve protection and/or freeze-up "frozen" mechanical components. Will not run or drip.

Ease of use...
· Long term (always the least costly alternative).
· Requires little or no surface preparation.
· Products not adversely affected by most acids and gases.
· Stays flexible to withstand vibration.
· Indefinite shelf life.
· Convenient packaging.

Some examples of specific uses for NWAC products:

Buildings: Rooftop air conditioning units, compressors, ductwork and metal components · Heat and smoke release vents, casings and mechanisms · Skylite metal components · Antennas · Drain gratings and piping · Gutters · Equipment room sheet metal walls · Conduit · Circuit breakers Transformer and switchgear enclosures · Terminal blocks · Electrical connections · Padlocks.

Heavy Equipment: All exposed metal components · Cabs · Houses · Hydraulic cylinder cases · Pin and bushing fits · Shafts · Keyways · Gears · Rails · Electrical connections and casings · Battery terminals and cases (protective from acid)

Bridges: Inside and outside box girders · Painted or unpainted exposed metal surfaces · Beams or pilings periodically submerged in water · Wirerope · Internal and external surfaces of electrical motors · Electrical enclosures and switchgear

Boats, Ships and Docks: Inside surfaces of metal hulls · Bulkheads
Overheads · Gantries · Piping · Beams · Rails · Wirerope · Gears · Shafts · Housings · Ballast tanks · Shaft alleys · Valves · Cranes · Hydraulic fittings· Electrical components

Other applications: Inside and outside of centrifugal pumps, split case or vertical · Cooling tower metal frames, basins · Aluminum bus · Underground piping

· Protection of metal surfaces in underground electrical and equipment vaults

· Protection of threaded fasteners · Protection from bi-metallic corrosion · Small manufacturing · Livestock, boat and utility trailers

NOTE: NWAC products contain no silicones or CFC's and will not harm electrical wiring or insulation and can be applied over painted and unpainted surfaces.

Typical customers include: Electrical utilities · Natural gas utilities · Telephone companies · Heavy metal producers · Chemical plants · Refineries · Oil and gas producers · Pulp and paper mills · U.S. Army Corp of Engineers · Shipyards

· U.S. Air Force and Naval bases · U.S. Government building maintenance personnel · Recreational boat owners

NWAC products are available in convenient aerosol applicators and bulk packaging. For larger projects we offer specialized fogging and application equipment as well as the experience and expertise to help make your job easier.

Let the experts at NWAC help you solve your corrosion problems today! To find out how, or to receive additional information, please call your nearest representative or manufacturer.


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