TaskMaster Stays Where You Spray
Long Lasting Lubricant Penetrant Anti-Rust Formula


Hinges & Locks- Windows & Drawer Slides- Chairs- Lawn & Garden Tools- Stuck Parts- Wheels- Sports Equipment- Bicycles- Firearms- Bolts- Doors- Plumbing- Saw Blades & Drill Bits- Tools & Dies- Wiring contacts- Outdoor Equipment- Snow Blowers- Swimming Pools Pumps & Housings- Garage Door Chain/Screw

Rusted Bolts- Drive Chains- Hinges & Locks- Motorcycles- Brake Cables- Trailers & Hitches- RV & Campers- Wheel Lugs- Battery Terminals- Wiring contacts- Parts for Storage- Auto Restoration- Winch Motors & Cable- Ignitions- Sealing Metal Seams

Protects and Stops Rust on Engines/Mounts/Bolts- Steering Connections- Ignitions- Hinges & Locks- Cables- Trailers & Hitches- Wheel Lugs- Battery Terminals/Post/Trays- Console Wiring Contacts- Davits & Lifts- Parts for Storage- Winch Motors & Cable- Pulleys- Bilge Pumps- Generators- Antenna Connections

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No Drip Formula
TaskMaster is the only brand that "Stays as you spray", even on the vertical and overhead surfaces! Its powerful penetrating formula stays in place to lubricate deeper and protect metal from harsh enviroments. Because TaskMaster stays in place, it works harder to successfully penetrate and free stuck parts.
Stops Corrosion
The Long-Lasting TaskMaster formula has proven itself. TaskMaster prevents new rust and stops existing corrosion on any metal. TaskMaster stops rust by aggresively sealing and displacing any oxygen and moisture. TaskMaster is extremely effective at penetrating damp surfaces.
Molecular Bonding to Metal
TaskMaster molecularly bonds to metal to provide maximum multipurpose lubrication and penetration. TaskMaster protects metal with a long lasting semitransparent film. TaskMaster adheres so well that it's metal protection won't just wash off with water or cleaning agents, like other products. Superb chemical resistance to salt water, akalis, acids, and cleaning products make it ideal for parts storage. Safe to use around paint, rubber, plastic & insulation. Contains no silicon.
Outstanding on Wiring
TaskMaster is outstanding on wiring since it seals connections with over 50,000 volts insulation value, double the next best brand. No other formula works like TaskMaster.
Outstanding Value
Because TaskMaster "Stays Where You Spray", there is no waste. And because its long lasting, the job is done right the first time.

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