TaskMaster Waxwrap Stops Corrosion

between Dissimilar Metals

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Long term benefits of Waxwrap on Aluminum/Steel Panel Trucks

What is TaskMaster Waxwrap?

Waxwrap prevents corrosion between metals, especially dissimilar metals like aluminum and steel. Waxwrap is a unique non-woven, spunbound material with effective corrosion inhibitors for use between bolted assemblies, folded seams, spot-welds, riveted metal and dissimilar metals. Waxwrap extends equipment life and helps to maintain a new looking appearance.

Waxwrap stops electrolysis, seals joints from moisture. Contains corrosion inhibitors and positively holds torque. No other product can match all of these performance characteristics.


Waxwrap being applied to floor
panels of a plane.


Waxwrap applied to chassis
and frame of a truck.

How does Waxwrap Work?

Waxwrap is ideal for the manufacturing and refurbishing industries. It is a barrier to electrolysis to stop electron flow. Waxwrap permanently stops moisture and corrosives from entering the joint which could cause local corrosion problems. Waxwrap is highly resistant to chemical attack. Finally, Task-Master Waxwrap maintains its strength between joints to prevent metal-to-metal contact and maintains the applied torque. It will not "squeeze out" of the joint.

What kind of metals are appropriate?

Waxwrap works between aluminum and steel and can easily pass a 3,000 hour salt spray test. Waxwrap works between any types of metals. Waxwrap even works on stainless piano hinge assemblies to stop corrosion between stainless mountings and painted bodies.

Waxwrap being applied to
the piano hinges on an ambulance.


Waxwrap is applied to
spot-welded roof seam of a bus.


Waxwrap is being applied to front
area of bus between the steel
frame and aluminum skin.

Will Waxwrap really stand up to spot-welding?

While most sealing products decompose at spot-welding temperatures of 1,500 degrees C. Waxwrap effectively seals the spot-weld from the inside out. It seals pyrolysis products from contact with electrolytes to prevent joint failure. Waxwrap will not reduce the strength of the weld.

Yes, but can you use it under paint?

Waxwrap is unique in that a pressed or folded seam can be
cathodically painted and subsequently stoved to 400 degrees F.

What forms does Waxwrap come in?

Waxwrap is available in thicknesses from.3 mm for standard applications to .8 mm for heavy duty applications. Our standard roll is 1" wide.

Custom configurations available

Master Corrosion with TaskMaster Waxwrap

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